Generating install logs

In some cases, the installation of Alpana Server may fail and roll back the changes.
To get more information, you can start the installer with error output by following the below procedure.

Start cmd

Run Windows command prompt “cmd” as administrator and navigate to the folder where the installer .msi file resides (for example here code192.Alpana.Server.Setup_3010.msi).

Start installer with log output

From the command prompt, start the following command :

msiexec /l*vx Alpana_install.log /i code192.Alpana.Server.Setup.msi

Replace Alpana_install.log with the desired log file name that will be created in the folder.
Replace code192.Alpana.Server.Setup.msi with the file name of your Alpana Server installer.

Get the Alpana Server log

Even if the installation fails and rolls back, the installer will usually leave behind an error log in the destination installation folder.
This Logs.txt file will contain additional useful information for support.

Get Windows Events

Look in Windows Event logs for an error happening during installation.
For example, sometimes SQL will log a useful error log there.

Send logs

When the installation has completed, you can send the zipped Alpana_install.log and Logs.txt files, and any Windows Event logs to your Alpana Support.
Don’t forget to include any relevant information about your installation (Windows/SQL/IIS versions ? What pre-requisites where configured and installed ? What configuration choices did you make during installation ? …)

Post-installation issues

Website startup issues

If the Front-End doesn’t seem to start, try to open the URL of the Back-End directly in your web browser.

  • If you see a login page on the back-end, then the Front-End should start, see error logs and contact Support.
  • If instead you see a “Error HTTP 500” message or similar, then you are probably missing some pre-requisites on IIS.

When changing the configuration to IIS, you must repair the AspNet Core component :

  1. update IIS configuration
  2. go to Windows Control Panel and for each component of AspNet Core, perform a “Repair”. Usually, this is done through right-click > Change, then select Repair.

License activation issues

When uploading the license file, if nothing seems to happen, here is a possible solution :
Check the host Audit Logs.
If a warning is present at that time, check the details.
If the details contain a message like “access denied” with a file location, then you may have permission issues in the IIS website folders.
Make sure that IIS and the Windows user running Alpana (IIS APPPOOL\Alpana3App) have permissions to create files in sub-folders of the installation folder.

Last modified: Jun 19, 2020


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