Release notes of items completed between 2021 R1 and 2021 R2
Alpana Server and Alpana Designer have been upgraded from to
Alpana Update File Dependency has been upgraded from to


Version 2021R2 is a minor release and includes mostly bugfixes and improvements.
The application is updated to the latest web technologies (.NET 5), with the latest security features and patches.

Upgrade Instructions

To upgrade your installation, please see the generic upgrading chapter.
Don’t forget to instruct all your users to clear their browser cache or do a hard refresh.

Alpana Server


A New installer has been included. It will check prerequisites before installing Alpana and give you log file after installation (succeeded or not)

License upgrade

This is a minor version, so it doesn’t require a valid support contract to upgrade, and you need not ask for a new license Activation to your support.

Enabling Stories

Following upgrade, to enable the new Stories feature on a tenant:

  • activate the Stories license feature at the Host level
  • add the Stories license feature to the desired tenants
  • add the Stories permission to the Admin Role of the tenant, and to all desired Users and Roles

Main Features

New Feature: Stories

A new feature has been added to create slideshows from Images and Dashboards inside Alpana server.
With this feature you can get automated screen display with your dashboard.

New Feature: Additional fields

Get the capability to link more related data in your dashboard. In a widget, you can show a specific information but when user want to filter, it will use another data to give information to the user.
As an example, from a batch number, you can filter the teams who worked on it or the percentage of good product produced and use this data to filter the rest of your dashboard.

New Feature: Tooltip customization

You can now choose what fields are displayed in the tooltip. Linked to the .Additional fields it’s possible to show all available data in your datasource in the tooltip of any widgets.

Improvements: Widget Header customization

Instead of using CSS to customize widget headers, feature to control it without editing CSS has been added in the designer :

  • Font family
  • Font Size
  • Font Style
  • Alignment
or type or size and header positioning are customizable.

Improvements: Circular Gauge widget

The widget gets improvements in the data displaying:
- You can bind more data for the visualization: Min/Max, Tolerance Threshold Min/max.
- You can choose what is the main value and secondary value in your widget (Actual value, Variation, Target, Variation from target, both variations)

Improvements: Card widget

The widget gets improvements in the data displaying:
- You can choose what is the KPI value and left value and Right value in your widget (Absolute difference, Percentage of target, Actual value, Target Value, Percent of change)

Improvements: Web connector Custom query

We’ve added the custom query functionality with the web connector.

Improvements: Export feature available for public dashboard

You can enable exporting feature for public dashboard

Improvements: Widget localization

In the 2021R1 release, Alpana server interface has been translated in French. Now all widgets is translated too and use default regional settings for data displaying.

Improvements: Multiple value parameter handling

When parameter return multiple values, you can use each value of the parameter in data source query or filtering. You can also use them in Labels widget.
example: With the time range calendar you will get a parameter that contains two value for start and end date. if you want to use them separately in 2 SQL parameter it is now possible.

To prevent Alpana server poor performance by publishing faulty designed Dashboard (Source file too big, multiple unused connection, etc.) the Designer now limits dashboards to these values:

  • Maximum widgets per Dashboard: 50
  • Maximum file size for connection (CSV, Excel…): 100 Mo
  • Maximum Connections per Dashboard: 30
  • Maximum Data Sources per Dashboard: 10
  • Maximum parameter per Dashboard: 100
  • Maximum Connections per Data source: 10
  • Maximum expressions per Data Source: 50
  • Maximum Layout configurations per Dashboard: 20

Known Issues and Incompatibilities

  • AL5-I8 – External login : Facebook external login may not works depending on your account authorization and verified status.

Migrating Alpana Runtime Connection

The new release will migrate the Alpana Runtime Connection.
If you want to import older Runtime Connection (from version 2021R1 or older) in your 2021R2 version. You will have to upgrade the Runtime Connection first with a 2021R1 Alpana server to 2021R2 version and restore them to the 2021R2 server.

Runtime Connection export and import feature are available for the same version of Alpana, you cannot import from an older version.

OMI Application

Using OMI and Alpana may require an Undeploy/Deploy and OMI viewer restart if you encounter some trouble in dashboard visualization after version upgrade.

Solved Issues

The following are the main bugs that were fixed between Alpana to :

  • ALP-I2437 : Range Slider range changes after moving a range
  • AL5-I7 : Empty header cells with excel file cause buffer error
  • AL5-I2 : Error when duplicating layout with background image
  • AL5-I1 : Schedule edit impossible if target dashboard deleted
  • AL5-I4 : Gantt option “act as master” is checkable even if the configuration does not permit filter
  • AL5-I5 : Improving slideshow menu
  • AL5-16 : Embed with showmaximize=0 disable clear filter button
  • AL5-T70 : Update File Dependency : keep job after upgrading

In addition, minor corrections have been added to product.

Last modified: Oct 01, 2021


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