Release notes of items completed between Alpana v3.2.1.5 and v3.2.2.10
Alpana Update File Dependency has been upgraded from v1.0.2.1 to v1.0.2.2
Alpana Real Time Data has been upgraded from v1.0.2.0 to v1.0.2.1
Alpana OMI App v1.1 is now available upon request.

Main Features

Alpana v3.2.2.10 implements the following main features :

General improvement : refresh smoothing

To create a more pleasant user experience, the data refresh has been “smoothed” :

  • when using filters at runtime, the listener widgets will only display a “loading” animation if the query is slow. Otherwise, the listener widgets will refresh smoothly and just display the new data content.
  • when using the real-time API features, the target widget will refresh smoothly and just display the new data content.

Performance improvements

As part of a continuous effort to improve performance, some noticeable progress includes :

  • important performance improvements for bufferized connections
  • a big performance improvement in Alpana Designer when opening a Connection with many objects in the schema (example : Wonderware Historian “Runtime” database)

Grid widget features

The Grid widget has received miscellaneous improvements based on user requests :

  • Footers : you can now add Footers at the bottom of the Grid, to use as summation rows (can also calculate average, count, etc…)
  • Nested Columns : you can now group Grid columns and configure a common title on top of the columns titles.
  • columns resizing : users can resize Grid columns at runtime, to see content more easily
  • alternate background color : to view large tabular data more easily, you can now configure the Grid to display each row with an alternate background color that is configurable


Some improvements where implemented to make the developer life a bit easier :

  • a search text box allows to browse the database schema more conveniently
  • file-based Connections now have an easy shortcut to refresh the file content in Alpana Designer
  • to allow easier SQL Connection migration, the database name is not reset anymore when changing the host address


The API GetWidgets method now includes parameters Filter and IsPublic, to make it easier to search for Widgets.

Solved Issues

The following are the main bugs that were fixed between Alpana v3.2.1.5 and v3.2.2.10 :

  • ALP-I1998 – Error if opening Dashboard without having opened Designer first
  • ALP-I1993 – When adding a date dimension to a Chart, it looks like the X Axis is formatted as datetime instead of Year.
  • ALP-I1980 – Cannot change profile picture
  • ALP-I2005 – new CORS whitelist item overwrites previous item
  • ALP-I2033 – install with subdomains contains wrong CorsOrigins in appsettings
  • ALP-I2019 – Donut selected state doesn’t match the filter state
  • ALP-I2115 – Widget Export menu invisible if Image Export disabled
  • ALP-I2012 – Range Navigator interval includes next period
  • ALP-I2015 – Radar Chart item labels are not in front of values
  • ALP-I2057 – Mobile : multi-selection Combobox cannot be validated
  • ALP-I2013 – Display issues in Grid with paging and several columns with the same name
  • ALP-I2021 – Designer “Clear Filter” button in widget edit tab not working
  • ALP-I2025 – Gauge’s arc disappearing in Designer
  • ALP-I2014 – Designer shows empty UI when deleting Widget then switching back to tab
  • ALP-I2035 – field type not updated when Custom Query updated

Known issues

The following are the main issues that are known and still present at the time of release of v3.2.2.10 :
(no known issues at this time)

Last modified: Sep 13, 2021


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