Release notes of items completed between Alpana and v3.0.2.2 and v3.1.0.7


New Pre-Requisites

Alpana Server and Designer v3.1.0.7 now require .NET Framework 4.8

Alpana Server install upgrade from v3

To upgrade Alpana Server from v3.0.2.2, see Upgrading Alpana from v3.0 to v3.1.0

Main Features

Redundant Connections

A Redundancy mechanism has been implemented on SQL, Historian and Web connectors.

Alpana Update File Dependency

The tool Alpana Update File Dependency has been added and needs to be installed separately for live update of file-based connections.


No other new features have been implemented in this version, as it is mostly a technology upgrade and bugfix release.


Bugs (44) that were fixed between Alpana v3.0.2.2 and v3.1.0.7 :

  • ALP-I1694 – Export PDF : issue with Gauges
  • ALP-I1693 – Can’t export widgets on this dashboard
  • ALP-I1678 – Mobile : DatePicker pop-up doesn’t open
  • ALP-I1671 – Server PDF exports: charts overflow at page right
  • ALP-I1713 – Chart : random JS error when resizing browser
  • ALP-I1717 – Views > Reset Parameter doesn’t clear filter UI
  • ALP-I1759 – traduction Française Paramètres SMTP
  • ALP-I1763 – all license features assigned to new tenant
  • ALP-I1773 – Excel Export not filtered when using custom query and relative dates
  • ALP-I1787 – Chart X Axis labels overflow container in some cases
  • ALP-I1722 – Designer UI : more explicit message when no permission to publish
  • ALP-I1712 – IQ_UnableToRetrieveDataTable happened randomly on this dashboard
  • ALP-I1702 – UI Parameter Editor issue when too many Parameters
  • ALP-I1706 – Designer allow mark as Public even if impossible
  • ALP-I1705 – Designer : copy-paste widget on wrong location
  • ALP-I1704 – Grid : clicking header after link to url opens link
  • ALP-I1701 – Issue when Expression name contains dots
  • ALP-I1700 – Configuring Drill-Down and Master on same widget gives errors
  • ALP-I1677 – RangeSlider with datetime : labels shifted
  • ALP-I1669 – Cartesian chart javascript error
  • ALP-I1659 – Chart : Y Axis auto-scale wrongly applied in mixed cases
  • ALP-I1762 – error when selecting in this multi-selection Combobox
  • ALP-I1768 – Parameter not set when no Listener present
  • ALP-I1802 – Designer crash on copy-paste this Proportion Chart
  • ALP-I1788 – Filtering based on WHERE condition on 2 datetime fields
  • ALP-I1770 – can’t replace custom Map
  • ALP-I1774 – Designer crash when deleting Parameter after selecting condition
  • ALP-I1775 – custom Choropleth Map empty
  • ALP-I1716 – Reload Dashboard resets filter UI but doesn’t clear filter
  • ALP-I1777 – TreeMap tooltips style inconsistent and error-prone
  • ALP-I1804 – NullReference while opening this dashboard
  • ALP-I1801 – Erreurs sur requête Historian Wide Query avec SQL Français
  • ALP-I1791 – Alpana Server setup fails when listing available IP
  • ALP-I1731 – Designer: Auto-creation of parameters behaviour
  • ALP-I1764 – Excel dependency not updated from file path
  • ALP-I1827 – Designer : widgets toolbox : widgets names
  • ALP-I1642 – Bubble Map : this custom map doesn’t display shapes
  • ALP-I1691 – Bubble Map error : is not a function
  • ALP-I1719 – Cartesian chart => Enable scrolling => scrollbar should be hidden
  • ALP-I1750 – Tenants not renamed properly
  • ALP-I1816 – DatePicker pre-selection marked incorrect when using Highlight Available
  • ALP-I1723 – DatePicker : dates unavailable when using Highlight Available and Relative
  • ALP-I1769 – Designer : Tab Headers style
  • ALP-I1673 – Widgets won’t refresh when resizing application
Last modified: Sep 13, 2021


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