Selecting PDF file

There are two Modes for selecting a PDF file to display :

  • Single file : a single file is displayed, always the same, and cannot be changed at runtime.
  • Based on parameter value : a single file is displayed at a time, selected from a list of possible files. At runtime, which file is displayed depends on the value of a Parameter.

The files become embedded inside the Dashboard as dependencies, and will stay the same even if the original file is modified or deleted.

Single file

widget PDF Single file

Click the button to browse for a file to select.

Based on parameter value

widget PDF Multiple files

In this mode, you must bind the Widget to a Parameter, then configure which value of the Parameter will open which PDF file.

Selecting a Parameter

Select the Target Parameter that will hold the desired value.
At runtime, when this Parameter changes, the widget will display the corresponding PDF file.

Selecting PDF files and binding to Parameter values

Click the + button to add a new binding :

  • Enter the Parameter value in the text box
  • Click the button to browse for a file to select

When the selected Target Parameter will take the value in Parameter value, then the corresponding PDF file will be displayed.

To remove a binding, click the trash icon on the right of it.

Configuring the display

Several options allow to configure the way the PDF file is displayed :

widget PDF display options

Page Displayed

Select the page number of the PDF that should be displayed when the Dashboard opens.

Zoom (Percent)

Select the zoom factor to display the PDF when the Dashboard opens.


If you check Enable Page Auto-Scroll, the PDF will be played like a slides presentation : each PDF page will be displayed for a certain duration, then the next page will be displayed automatically. When the end has been reached, the first page is next.
The duration to display each page is defined by Auto-Scroll Timer (Seconds) : the number of seconds to display each PDF page.

Runtime Toolbar

When you check Enable Runtime Toolbar, a toolbar is displayed at runtime with some controls to let you interact with the PDF file :

widget PDF runtime toolbar
  • Page : displays the current page number / and total page number. You can input the desired page number in this box.
  • + - : Go to the next page by clicking + or the previous page by clicking -
  • Zoom : enter the desired zoom factor (%) in the text box, or use the up/down arrows to increase/decrease the zoom factor
  • Search… : enter strings of text to search the PDF
  • Auto-Scroll : enable the Auto-Scroll feature (see above)
Last modified: Sep 13, 2021


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