Select a Map

Built-in Maps

Some geographical maps of the world are provided with Alpana.

They are available under Map Settings, by selecting Built-in :

Map Built-In

By default, the selected map shows the world’s countries.

Custom Maps

You own custom GeoJSON files can be used instead.

Under Map Settings, select Custom :

Map Custom select

Click the “…” to browse for a *.json file on your machine.

Geometry type

Select a Geometry Type :

  • Geographic : coordinates are longitude/latitude with a corresponding Mercator projection. This is useful for geographical data like country shapes. Not suitable for viewing very small values of latitude and longitude (eg: 0.0001 degree latitude or longitude)
  • Normal : coordinates are X/Y with no projection. This is useful for representing a plan, like an equipment shape or a plant floor disposition.

Map Geometry type configure

Shape Identifier

When a map file is selected, the GeoJSON Properties key names are listed in the “Shape Identifier” combobox in Alpana Designer :

Map Shape Identifier configure

For example, the default map has Properties named “admin”, “name”, “continent”, …
And each Property has values like name=France, continent=Europe, …

Map GeoJSON properties example

The values in the selected Shape Identifier must match the values in your Data Source.

For this, you have basically 2 solutions :

  • edit the GeoJSON file so that there is a Property that possesses values that match your data
  • edit your Data Source so that the values match the values of a map Property
Last modified: Sep 13, 2021


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