Release notes of items completed between Alpana v2.0.8.12 and v3.0.1.1


Upgrading from v2 to v3.0 requires manual steps.
Please read these steps and incompatibilities in the full chapter about Upgrading.

Main Features

Some main features in a few words :

new API

Send and receive context with external applications, live update of data.
ex : Connect OPC, Wonderware sytem Platform and more to Dashboards and get live updates for targeted users.

new Widgets

All Widgets have been refreshed with the latest web technologies, and more configuration options have been exposed.

The following new Widgets Types are available :
Embed, Radar, Polar, Half-Donut / Half Pie, Range Area, Range Column, Step Line, Step Area, Spline Area, Hi/Lo, Hi/Lo Open/Close, Candle, Waterfall.

Charts have huge improvements in configurability :

  • any number of chart types can be combined together
  • any number of Y axis can be created and assigned to series (for different scaling)
  • X axis will not be limited to “Category” type of axis : with a “real date” axis you will better see events in time, with a “real number” axis you will be able to show a real scatter plot, including logarithmic
  • a Dimension field can be used to configure a series of separate charts (v2.0 Combo Chart behavior) and separate trends in the same chart (v2.0 other charts behavior), both at the same time

Gauge can display a threshold between good/bad, and can be displayed as a needle with ticks instead of only as a filling gauge

new dashboard layout and themes

Dashboards are not limited vertically to 1 page, and user will be able to scroll down to see more widgets, with no limit from our side.
Dashboard layout is configurable in a finer way : the number of tiles available for alignment is configurable
Theme support has been added : not only dashboard theme can be switched (including a dark theme), but also transparent widgets can be used on top of an image background of your choice

multi-tenant Alpana Server

OEMs will gain in maintenance and deployment costs
Administrators will be able to create a single install hosting dashboards for all their customers in fully separate instances : each will have their own portal and branding, their own dashboards, license features, users, etc… but all will be managed from a central location.

more licensing options

A Freemium tier is available.
Concurrent user licenses, with reserved users.

Ease of Use

Alpana Designer has seen some improvements, mostly focused on usability :

  • any number of joins can be created between any 2 tables
  • Expression editor is a lot more usable (including also copy-paste of expression parts), and also allows to use another expression inside an expression
  • miscellaneous improvements in configuration interfaces

Wonderware Historian improvements

Wide query support allows many new scenarios, since each tagname can be in a separate field : assigning each tag to a different Y axis on a Chart, using a tag as value and another as target, etc …
Parameter-Based queries allows users to update the Historian query at runtime, and enables more data exploration scenarios.


Features (61+) that were implemented in or before v3.0.1.x :

  • ALP-T805 Filtering : dissociate “value” field and “display” field
  • ALP-T744 Widget : difference between HEADER and NAME
  • ALP-T747 To be able to Hide a Header of a Widget (Card,Proportion etc..)
  • ALP-T763 Make Drill-Up UI more friendly
  • ALP-T870 Expressions: Be able to duplicate an expression or a part of expression
  • ALP-T762 Grid : implement column filters
  • ALP-T907 Gauge : add needle
  • ALP-T697 A solution to show quality limits on a Chart
  • ALP-T768 Line Chart : allow to configure “show marker” independently for each line
  • ALP-T678 Scatter/Bubble : expose chart properties
  • ALP-T937 Scatter : implement drill down
  • ALP-T945 Chart : dynamic Strip Lines
  • ALP-T1235 avoid value label overlap
  • ALP-T674 Allow to configure Virtual Scrolling
  • ALP-T696 New widget : Step Line
  • ALP-T695 Add drill-down to Combochart
  • ALP-T671 Implement DateTime axis in all Charts
  • ALP-T688 Charts : implement Secondary Axis
  • ALP-T700 Combochart : allow to configure “Show Marker” for the line
  • ALP-T701 New widget : Step Area
  • ALP-T677 Allow Combochart as container to be configured other than full size
  • ALP-T708 Widget : implement Spline Area
  • ALP-T702 allow to configure separately each series in a Chart
  • ALP-T704 implement Forecast Chart
  • ALP-T944 logarithmic Chart Axis
  • ALP-T947 Chart : better handling of empty points
  • ALP-T1331 autoscale Y Axis even when Row is bound
  • ALP-T1247 less threatening “no data to display”
  • ALP-T690 New widget : Waterfall
  • ALP-T692 New widget : radar
  • ALP-T813 Link to URL : send Parameter value
  • ALP-T785 Gauge: Show Target value in tooltip or next to its bar
  • ALP-T717 Allow Dimensions to have measure Formatting
  • ALP-T754 Label widget : create links to URL
  • ALP-T689 Charts : bind field to color
  • ALP-T629 Expression Editor improvements
  • ALP-T1002 Designer UI : Widget Edit : show Data and Properties on same view
  • ALP-T1004 Server portal : replace 1-level Categories
  • ALP-T1047 Color Picker : add Hue selector
  • ALP-T1226 Designer : improve configuration UI
  • ALP-T1245 implement Combobox incremental search
  • ALP-T759 Use Expressions in DataSource-level filters
  • ALP-T909 Show the presence of DataSource-level or Widget-level filter
  • ALP-T760 Use Expressions in a JOIN condition
  • ALP-T838 Data Source Designer : allow to join between column values
  • ALP-T749 Expressions : be able to use another Expression as field
  • ALP-T715 Need to add Join conditions as many as needed
  • ALP-T735 Improve Expression Editor for long expressions
  • ALP-T798 implement relative date filter on Data Source
  • ALP-T865 Datasource Filter Editor UI : differentiate tables
  • ALP-T1375 New widget : Scatter Plot
  • ALP-T1403 allow to display value labels inside Proportion Charts
  • ALP-T1404 New Proportion Chart : Semi-Pie
  • ALP-T1405 New Proportion Chart : Semi-Doughnut
  • ALP-T1409 Gauge : show/hide ticks and axis labels
  • ALP-T1410 Gauge : improve target visibility
  • ALP-T1411 Gauge : show optional green/red threshold
  • ALP-T1479 Widget and Data Source filter UI : search box for values
  • ALP-T1506 New Widget : Embed
  • ALP-T1537 automatic date format localization
  • ALP-T1578 New widget : polar
  • ALP-T1499 Historian : use widgets to change date range in query


Bugs (82+) that were fixed in or before v3.0.1.x :

  • ALP-I1100 – autorefresh on maximized widget breaks dashboard
  • ALP-I1013 – cannot multijoin when tables have same name
  • ALP-I1023 – Expressions : missing editor for multiple values
  • ALP-I971 – Mobile : DatePicker unusable
  • ALP-I974 – mobile: linking widget not working on IOS
  • ALP-I1191 – v3 widget Header and description not validated when changing tab
  • ALP-I1110 – error when stored procedure schema changed
  • ALP-I997 – Designer : Edit > Delete doesn’t work
  • ALP-I998 – Designer : widget appears incorrectly selected when closing tab
  • ALP-I1001 – data preview content disappears when resizing
  • ALP-I1038 – Edit>Delete Widget doesn’t work
  • ALP-I750 – Widget: Date Filter: Unhandled Exception
  • ALP-I1031 – datetime filter implicit conversion fails on some systems
  • ALP-I1037 – wrong buffer table referenced by Custom Query Table
  • ALP-I915 – Dev / debug-like / fake-like error message in preview dashboard
  • ALP-I941 – this dashboard freezes the browser when filtering
  • ALP-I972 – Chart axis custom titles overridden on drill-down
  • ALP-I981 – Autoscale starts at 0 when Line Chart has Row
  • ALP-I988 – Line Chart can make browser unresponsive
  • ALP-I996 – Card “show target value” doesn’t work
  • ALP-I1004 – copy-paste a Card loses measure formatting
  • ALP-I1012 – Card shows decimals even when measure formatted with 0 decimals
  • ALP-I1029 – bad query when joining 2 Custom Queries
  • ALP-I1032 – Card shows decimals as 0 when system decimal symbol is not dot
  • ALP-I1027 – Drill-Down on MonthYear creates wrong query in this chart
  • ALP-I1016 – RadioButton without “All” item displays its state incorrectly
  • ALP-I1035 – chart trendline broken when Row field configured
  • ALP-I1002 – chart tooltip shows “undefined” when axis has no title
  • ALP-I1005 – copy-paste a Chart loses axis labels
  • ALP-I937 – Chart value labels overlap
  • ALP-I944 – widget maximized on homepage loses legend
  • ALP-I991 – Server responsiveness : on small resolutions important function missing
  • ALP-I1019 – Designer unhandled NullReferenceException when closing window on error
  • ALP-I1006 – Card: Scroll bar is visible in 1 block size widget after resize page
  • ALP-I925 – Card shows needless scrollbar
  • ALP-I1030 – Inconsistency in MonthYear format
  • ALP-I986 – can’t edit Data Source from with SQLite buffer
  • ALP-I789 – Designer Preview : IIS Express generates warnings in Windows Events
  • ALP-I852 – Widget preview crashes when Widget is resized
  • ALP-I872 – widget legend shows scrollbar needlessly
  • ALP-I982 – single Gauge as Master fails with JS error
  • ALP-I993 – uncaught StackOverflowException when removing Parameter
  • ALP-I1021 – in IE, can only drill-up to top
  • ALP-I1022 – Chart Hide Legend ignored during drill-down
  • ALP-I1028 – Gauge hangs web browser when Value=0
  • ALP-I945 – JS Uncaught TypeError when “Go to Dashboard” from Homepage
  • ALP-I985 – custom legend lost from this dashboard
  • ALP-I1017 – Measure Formatting : must use workaround to configure Auto decimals
  • ALP-I1015 – Card truncates suffix
  • ALP-I1026 – Web connector can’t handle sub-millisecond precision from WW Online in SQL
  • ALP-I1009 – Grid virtual scrolling throws error 500 on Public dashboard
  • ALP-I1018 – Published Dashboards can’t be re-opened in Designer after renaming
  • ALP-I1020 – Grid uncaught syntax error when using field names with single quote
  • ALP-I1036 – Grid KPI Percentage of Target shows all as green
  • ALP-I989 – RangeNavigator with single Date displays since January
  • ALP-I992 – JS error while loading dashboard on server and clicking on collapse menu
  • ALP-I999 – widget CheckBox : label alignement wrong in IE11
  • ALP-I1003 – Issues with Measure formatted as Currency
  • ALP-I1010 – Grid conditional formatting throws error if Excel cell empty
  • ALP-I1025 – Date format wrong in Chart with data converted from Web in SQLite buffer
  • ALP-I1092 – Grid with paging breaks header filters
  • ALP-I1112 – Map Shape cannot bind to GeoJSON number Property
  • ALP-I1111 – Map Shape doesn’t accept number fields
  • ALP-I935 – Mobile : Combobox filter not applied
  • ALP-I936 – Mobile : Master widget filters not applied
  • ALP-I1091 – TreeMap Group By doesn’t accept number fields
  • ALP-I959 – : RangeNavigator JS Uncaught TypeError when data has NULL
  • ALP-I1113 – Choropleth Map default scale colors wrong
  • ALP-I1276 – Opening Widget Filter is slow on big database
  • ALP-I1538 – Widget Label : difficult to apply style to some parts
  • ALP-I1477 – Some empty widget previews
  • ALP-I1613 – Treemap scale wrong order
  • ALP-I1039 – filter by datetime in SQLite returns no data
  • ALP-I1000 – dashboard file corrupted when closing Designer
  • ALP-I938 – Historian Connector Window: Selected tags panel does not appear on small resolution
  • ALP-I994 – selection issues in dependent Comboboxes
  • ALP-I1014 – Designer shows wrong map name
  • ALP-I1007 – show two parameters label values as Widget Title shows: All
  • ALP-I967 – no measure formatting in Grid exported as PDF
  • ALP-I880 – misc SQL-related errors in Scheduler logs when starting machine
  • ALP-I477 – Designer may disappear from taskbar
  • ALP-I1646 – Designer doesn’t delete temp file in working folder
Last modified: Sep 13, 2021


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