The Pdf export view of each Layout allows to configure the layout that will be rendered when exporting to PDF

How to edit the PDF view

Selecting the PDF view

Select the desired Layout, then use the view selector to select Pdf Export :

layout view select PDF

Using pagination

(updated in 2020 R2)

In the Pdf export, Widgets are laid out on multiple pages.
The view displays the layout one page at a time.

Browsing pages

To browse between pages, you can scroll with the mouse or click on the page number :

Layout select page

Moving a Widget across pages

To move a Widget to the next page, drag it to the bottom of the view and onto the Send to next page message that appears :

Layout send next page

To move a Widget to the previous page, drag it to the top of the view and onto the Send to previous page message that appears :

Layout send previous page

Adding a new page

To add a new page, go to the last page and move a Widget to the next page.

Removing a page

To remove the last pages, remove all widgets from the desired pages.

Default behaviors

Automatic layout

When creating Widgets from another view (the Desktop view for example), the Pdf Export layout is generated automatically depending on available space and widget size.
Often, you may need to later tweak this automatic PDF layout manually in order to create a good-looking PDF export.

Overlapping pages

When a Widget is configured to overlap multiple pages, it will be resized automatically during the PDF export, to span a single page only.

Important : Widgets with hidden content

Some widgets have behaviors that allows them to hide some of their content :

  • a Grid widget with pagination
  • a Doughnut legend with pagination
  • etc

Important : Incompatible Widget types

Some Widget types are incompatible with the PDF export functionality.
Those Widgets will simply be ignored during the PDF export, and are automatically made invisible on the Pdf export view.

The incompatible Widget types are :


When the selected view is the Pdf export, then the Preview button shows the actual PDF export.

Last modified: Sep 13, 2021


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